Alexacarri Plantation consists of over one thousand acres of river bottomland on the Ocmulgee River near Abbeville, Georgia. The property has over three miles of frontage on the Ocmulgee River and has several sloughs and oxbow lakes on the property. Towering cypress, pine, oak, and tupelo trees line these waterways. Since its creation in 2000, Alexacarri Plantation has been managed for whitetail deer using guidelines outlined by the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). This management approach has resulted in acres of food plots and wildlife openings dotting the plantation.

The Okmulgee Indians once inhabited the lands upon which Alexacarri Plantation now resides. The Okmulgee Indians belonged to the Muskhogean linguistic stock from which the Hitchiti language describes the Okmulgee River as "where the water boils up." As part of the Creek Confederacy, this tribe was removed from its native lands and relocated to the area of what is present-day Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

What once attracted these Native Americans to this fertile river bottomland, now attracts guests to Alexacarri Plantation... fertile soils, an abundance of game animals and fishing. Whitetail deer, turkey, quail, rabbits, squirrels, and various duck species still flourish on Alexacarri Plantation. Additionally, various migratory birds species such as swallow-tail kites, indigo buntings, sand hill cranes, and wood storks are abundant during the spring and summer seasons.

Feral hogs were introduced into the river swamps along the Ocmulgee River and their populations have exploded. Many sows can have up to three litters a year and average 8-10 piglets per litter. Considered a non-game animal in Georgia, feral hogs can be hunted year-round. One of the most famous inhabitants of this region, Hogzilla grew up further south along the Ocmulgee River basin near Alapaha, Georgia.

Though many color phases of feral hogs exist on Alexacarri Plantation, the most dominant color seen will be black. Most of these feral hogs will average around 100 pounds though you may encounter some mature boars that weigh in excess of 250 pounds. Like mature whitetail bucks, these mature boars are usually nocturnal but will make a daylight appearance if a sow in the vicinity is in season. Previous hunters have experienced several mature boars fighting over the breeding rights for a sow in heat, and have taken a trophy boar under these circumstances.

Due to the rich hog hunting heritage in the area, Abbeville, Georgia, is home to the Ocmulgee Wild Hog Festival. This festival is held annually on the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend. The highlight of this festival is the one- and two-dog baying team competition which pits the dogs against mature wild boars to determine the best baying dogs in the area.

An episode of The Best and Worst of Tred Barta and The Huntley Way were filmed on Alexacarri Plantation. Both shows focused on spot-and-stalk bow hunting for wild hogs and can be seen on Versus network.