During your stay at Alexacarri Plantation, you may be staying in our Main Lodge or in the Bunkhouse. The Main Lodge is a hand-hewn post-and-beam log cabin with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The Lodge can accommodate up to four guests. Complete with a full kitchen and satellite TV, the main lodge provides the ultimate in comfort during your stay. After your hunt, you can gather on the deck next to the outdoor fireplace to share the day's hunt stories with your friends.

The Bunkhouse provides comfortable lodging for up to (6) guests in a communal sleep setting. It has a full bathroom and partial kitchen. This facility is ideal for the hunters who would like to gather as a group for a Do-It-Yourself hunt weekend. With a large patio complete with picnic table and fire pit outside its doors, this area serves as the gathering spot for hunting stories around the campfire.

A skinning shed complete with walk-in cooler is on the grounds. This facility allows each hunter a place to store their game during their stay.

A complete brick BBQ pit is available for use by our guests. Whether you eat it here or take it home with you, you can prepare your hog during your stay for the ultimate in wild game dining. This BBQ pit can handle up to four whole hogs. Its design will allow you to put your meat on in the morning, stoke the fire a couple of times and continue enjoying your time at Alexacarri Plantation without watching over the meat.