What weapons can I use during my hunt?

From September through mid-January, you must use the weapon that is allowed during the current whitetail deer season. From mid-January through May, you can use the weapon of your choice

What should I bring for my hunt at Alexacarri Plantation?

You should bring the following items with you on your hunt:

If I'm hunting with a gun, what caliber should I use?

Any caliber you would use to hunt whitetail deer up to a .30 caliber gun can be used. The larger the caliber the more meat will be damaged. If you want to hunt with a pistol, any caliber approximating the above calibers would suffice.

Is there a charge for guests who don't hunt, but wish to accompany their spouse or friend who does?

There is a charge of $100.00 per day for all non-hunting guests who wish to stay and observe their hunting friend/spouse out in the field. This daily charge includes all meals and lodging.