Tred Barta
The Best and The Worst of Tred Barta

"Alexacarri Plantation in south central Georgia is some of the finest hog hunting I’ve ever experienced in my life. Whether you’re using a long bow and wooden arrows, spot and stalk, or a modern rifle, handgun or compound, this place is like walking into the old South. I’ve never seen a property so well managed for big hogs. Animals average between 120 to just below 400 pounds and I saw with my own eyes four different animals that weighed 300-350 pounds.

 I want everyone to know that I paid full price for this hunt and I am writing the recommendation because it is truly a great opportunity for any hunter at what I consider a great price. In a world where there is so much hype and very little substance it’s my pleasure to endorse Alexacarri Plantation. If you go you’re gonna’ have a ball! "

Tred Barta
Host and star of
The Best and The Worst of Tred Barta

"I have hunted all over the United States and would place Alexacarri Plantation at the top of my list. It's rare to find a hunting destination with first-class accommodations, overflowing game populations, and pinpoint knowledge of game activity. Tim Beach not only did it, he did it right."

Huntley Ritter, co-host of The Huntley Way
As seen on VERSUS - formerly the OLN Network

“The accommodations at Alexacarri Plantation are superb and the hospitality wonderful. After visiting Tim Beach at Alexacarri Plantation, a spot-and-stalk archery hunt for hogs will be an event I'll look forward to every year. Just be sure to bring plenty of arrows and a huge cooler when you go.”

Ronnie Hall, co-host of The Huntley Way
As seen on VERSUS - formerly the OLN Network

"Alexacarri Plantation is one of those rare places where you can truly relax in Tim's luxurious cabin or bunkhouse, hunt the wily wild hogs of the Ocmulgee Swamp and find remnants of long past hunters in the area through native American pottery shards and knapped flint  tools. The plantation abounds with wildlife and virgin cypress, oak and pine forest. The mighty flowing river entices you to drop a line. In between your forays into the field, Tim is quite accomplished in the kitchen and is sure to please your palate with some fine low-country fare. All in all, Alexacarri is a destination not to be missed and is best shared with friends. I know I always look forward to my next adventure there!"

Preston Lawson
The Gumbo Ranch, LLC

"My experience at Alexacarri Plantation was top notch all the way. Great people, place and pigs.  First time I ever tried spot and stalk bow hunting and took 4 hogs in two days. Some real fine grillin fare too!  Looking forward to my next trip to see Tim in south Georgia."

Tim Packard

Fuqua & Partners

"I have hunted Alexacarri Plantation in tropical storms and blazing August heat. In those varied conditions, Alexacarrie Plantation offers the best chances for taking a hog of any place I’ve ever hunted. Tim Beach, hands down, runs the best operation in the business for trophy hogs. For me, the choice is easy—if I want to go hog hunting, I’ll give Tim a call."

Chris Cade

"Alexacarri Plantation is a fantastic destination for your next hunting trip, from the plentiful game to the splendid accommodations, it is a wonderful place that I look forward to visiting again. The property has been well managed and the many trails cut through the native vegetation are perfect for spot and stalk hunting. While slipping around on the property using the trails which connect a multitude of food plots it seems like there are hogs around every corner. The property is a stunning mix of towering cypress and oak trees and natural palmetto thickets... truly a hunting paradise! The accommodations are equally impressive, from the main log lodge to the bunkhouse with a full kitchen, and of course a great outdoor fire pit. To take care of your trophy and meat after the hunt there is a skinning shed with a walk in cooler. Tim Beach has created a world class hunting destination right here at Alexacarri Plantation and I can assure you it will be a trip full of memories."

Andy Cobb